Detection of Cardiovascular Pathologies through Retinal Imaging

Did you know that 50% of heart attacks occur in people who show no symptoms or prior condition?

Our CardIA system uses Artificial Intelligence technology to accurately and promptly detect potential cardiovascular pathologies with retinal imaging.


Connecting people with their health, offering an innovative solution that allows for early and accurate health risk detection.


Empowering individuals to take control of their well-being, providing easy and fast access to vital informationabout their health and facilitating timely intervention to improve their quality of life.


Cardiovascular risk, retinal imaging, and AI

The retinal background offers a unique window to assess cardiovascular health. The blood vessels in the retina accurately reflect the state of the body, allowing for the detection of early signs of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Changes in the retina, such as stretching, widening or tortuosity of the vessels, can be indicators of cardiovascular risk. Early detection of these anomalies can alert to the risk of serious events such as heart attacks or strokes. Moreover, retinal examination provides valuable information on cardiac function and blood circulation, enabling early detection of cardiac anomalies and preventative intervention.

The importance of this technique lies in its capacity to provide a non-invasive and relatively economical evaluation of cardiovascular health. Being a simple and accessible test, it can be carried out in primary care settings, facilitating early detection and follow-up of at-risk patients.

Its integration with artificial intelligence further enhances its potential to improve diagnostic precision and efficiency.

Health Connect offers a comprehensive view of patient health, allowing early and personalized intervention that can save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of patients around the world.

Precise cardiovascular risk analysis that facilitates early and personalized diagnostics for proactive health management.

How  works


DATA CAPTURE: Retinal images are taken, and demographic and medical data of the patient are collected. This information is uploaded to the platform quickly and easily.


PLATFORM PROCESSING: Once the data is uploaded, the platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze the information and generate a result in seconds. This result evaluates the cardiovascular risk level of the patient.


REFERRAL TO A SPECIALIST: Depending on the identified risk level, the result is automatically sent to the corresponding specialist. This ensures that patients receive timely and appropriate care, allowing for early and personalized intervention.

Benefits for Patients

Fast and Accessible

Quick and easy detection of cardiovascular risk through retinal imaging from primary care.

Advanced Algorithm

Enhances the precision of current risk calculators, ensuring a more complete and reliable evaluation.

Preventive Diagnosis

Refers to the appropriate specialist for more specific and personalized risk management, ensuring comprehensive care.

Benefits for Doctors

Timely Identification of Patients

Our platform enables the timely identification of at-risk patients, which facilitates early intervention and prevents serious complications.

Saving on Medical Expenses

By detecting cardiovascular health issues early, our system helps reduce medical costs associated with more complex treatments and prolonged hospitalizations.

Increased Referral of Patients to Specialists

We streamline the referral of patients to qualified specialists, ensuring more specialized and personalized medical care for those in need.


We partner with visionaries in cardiovascular medicine, innovation, and technology, to create a future where early detection of cardiovascular risks is accessible to everyone.

The Health Connect Team

Our team consists of a passionate group of professionals dedicated to innovation in the field of cardiovascular health. From experts in cardiovascular medicine to specialists in innovation and artificial intelligence, each member brings a unique combination of knowledge and skills.

We work closely together to continually develop and improve Health Connect, with the goal of providing effective and accessible solutions for the early detection of cardiovascular risks.

Together, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.



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